Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stay Tuned. . .An Arkansas Plan Featuring World's Third Largest Company

OMG my brain is on fire, and I'm only on page 130 (of 733) in Nader's Only The Super-Rich Can Save Us. I will have to say, though, that I would be further if it weren't for the charming middle school English teacher from the Hot Springs area that I met today in B&N. We talked for a long time about teaching, the evil NCLB, and I couldn't resist sharing Cory Doctorow's award-winning Little Brother and Charles Murray's Real Education with her. It sure is uber-convenient to do this in the middle of a bookstore where you can just pull them right off the shelf!

So, by the time I settled down and and starting reading, all I could think was: here it is, the blueprint. Nader is spelling it out for us in excruciating detail. At first I sighed heavily when I saw the massive tome, but once you start reading, you will understand, too.

And what else happened? Well, I obviously am inspired. And I have an idea that involves Arkansas's very own beloved Wal-Mart. Are you interested in joining me? If so, let me know, and as Ralph's billiionaire heroes say. . ."Stay tuned!"

oh, and P.S. I wanted to buy the book from Wordworth (locally owned here in LR) but they did not have a copy. I advised them they better order some and fast.

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