Friday, August 14, 2009

A Calliclean Moment

As I've gotten older, I've had the pleasure of reading what I choose as an autodidact. I've begun to notice a definite trend of others acting similarly: seeking and creating their own unique educational paths to acquire skills and knowledge not being offered through the current educational system. I believe educational methodologies are undergoing a radical shift due to technology, and this paradigm will only materialize when a critical mass of consumers abandon and revolt against the outdated approaches now employed.

I've resisted the urge for several years, but now finally found the courage to stand and label myself an activist, with a clarion call for nothing short of revolution. Am I scared? Worried? Yes, of course. I'm petrified. I've never found the courage to stick my neck on the line, but I just can't face myself in the mirror anymore if I don't at least give it my best shot.

So, here goes. . . .I have been dreaming and planning this website and campaign for a long time, and up until now I've always found an excuse to put it off until tomorrow. No more. If you would like to stand with me and advocate for a radical change in the system, I welcome you with open arms. It is my intent that this site serve as a forum to advance the efforts of everyone who asks “How can we do this better?” An entire spectrum of vital issues, from reforming student loan regulations to creating new models for higher education, must be addressed.

Callicles didn't like it when Socrates suggested that he and his fellow sophists might have it backwards: “apparently we are everywhere doing the opposite of what we should.” Big education won't like what we've got to say, either. No one likes to appear foolish, especially the rich and powerful. But perhaps this current system is unjust, and we must rise up and demand our needs are met. Perhaps the future of our society depends on it. Perhaps we are the fools if we do not.

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